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Monarch Premium CapsMonarch Premium Caps By Hartwig's

Monarch Premium Cap System are the best caps available for the single engine Cessna. They have safety features that cannot be found on any other cap available for your plane. Since 1987 over 5,000 sets of Monarch Premium Caps have been sold and we have received numerous phone calls and letters from customers who say that their lives were saved because the Monarch Premium Caps were installed on their aircraft.


Monarch Premium Caps are a stainless steel umbrella cap with a ratchetting mechanism that releases and "clicks" when the cap is tightened correctly. They have a dual spring-loaded vent for both pressure and vacuum. This is a secondary vent in case the primary vent gets obstructed. Also Monarch Premium Caps can be removed while wearing mittens for ease of filling in cold weather.

The adapter plates are die-formed to raise the inlet hole about 3/16th of an insh above the surface of the wing to divert water away from the hole. (Notice the center bubble in the picture above) The adapter plates are made in three different styles, as shown at the top of the page. The reason for the difference styles of plates is that Cessna used different styles of mounting locations on different models of the single engine aircraft. With the year, model and the serial number of your aircraft, we can send the correct adapter plates for your aircraft. All three styles feature an anti-siphon flapper valve on the bottom of the inlet to prevent massive loss of fuel if the cap is left off or loose. (You can see this in the pictures below)

Also our inlet is 1.5" at the widest point to keep jet fuel nozzles out. Your insurance company may give you a discount on your premiums or pay for a portion of these caps due to this fact. Usually all they need is something in print. (such as this document) If they need a formal letter or a drawing, we will be happy to provide it to them.

The Monarch Premium Fuel Caps are certified for installation on Cessna models 177, 180, 182, 185, 188, 205, 206, and 210 for bladder cells and wet wings. These caps will also fit and function on Cessna models 190 and 195, but these models require a field approval--our customers with these models have had no problems getting these. It does require moving nutplates to install on the 190 and 195.

You can buy your caps online right now by calling our toll-free number.

Monarch Premium Fuel Cap cost:

$ 699.00 (USD) per set of 2 (Two)

What you will receive with every order:

2 caps, 2 adapter plates, plus:

- With bladder cell caps we also supply 2 cork and nitrile gaskets and new stainless steel screws. We supply two kinds of perimeter hole pattern screws: sheet metal and machine screws. Most people will not know what their Cessna needs until they remove the first existing screw. Then use the appropriate screws in our kit and discard the other type. Everything required for installation is included.

- With the oval wet wing caps we also supply new stainless steel screws and sealant. Everything required for installation is included.

- With the small round caps we also supply new stainless steel screws, nutcerts that replace the existing rivets, an expendable nutcert installation tool, and the sealant. Everything required for installation is included.

AD's Monarch Premium Caps and System comply with and are Approved by the FAA:

AD # 84-10-01-R1 Monarch Premium Cap System is an equivalent/alternate means of compliance with paragraph B of this AD.    (click for pdf)

AD # 79-10-14 R1 Monarch Premium Caps also provide and equivalent means of compliance to this AD due to the pressure/vacuum relief valve incorporated into the fuel cap.   (click for pdf)

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Installation Information:

Bladder Cap Installations  (click for pdf)

Wet Wing Cap Installations  (click for pdf)

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