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Repair / Overhaul Procedures

All repairs are completed using heat, pressure and adhesive to bond new fabric to the fuel cell. Hartwig Aircraft Fuel Cell Repair follows the repair and overhaul procedures set forth by the leading fuel cell manufacturers (Aerazur, Aero-Tech, Amfuel, E.F.C., FFC, Firestone, Goodyear, IMI Marston, FPT Industries, Uniroyal) and the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Naval Air Command Repair and Technical Fuel Cell Repair Manuals.

At Hartwig Aircraft Fuel Cell Repair we do not just repair the leaks. We go through the entire fuel cell. Any problems or areas that need attention (although it may not be leaking) will be suggested to be repaired to guarantee the continued use of the fuel cell. This attention to detail is the reason Hartwig Aircraft Fuel Cell Repair gives all repaired / remanufactured fuel cells a 5 year warranty on our repairs, and Unconditionally Guarantee the entire fuel cell for 2 years.

We also do warranty repairs for the original manufacturers that do not void the fuel cell's original warranty.