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Monarch Premium Caps System Installation Tips

- Use a quality penetrating oil for 5 days before you remove old filler necks

With most old filler necks the original Cessna screws oxidize and corrode very bad. We recommend that you remove the paint over the screws and apply one drop of quality penetrating oil (NOT WD40 ! WD40 is a water displacement product) on each screw and also on the screws attaching the filler neck to the fuel cell. If you do this each day for 5 (five) days this will yield better results than trying to do it all the same day. You will give the penetrating oil time to break up the oxidization and corrosion. The screws should come out easier with fewer broken and deformed heads. This will reduce your installation labor costs.

The best penetrating oil is Mouse Milk which is available from aircraft parts supply providers.

- We recommend you drain the fuel from your fuel cells or wet wing aircraft before installation

Take your aircraft up for a flight, burn off as much fuel as is safe, then drain the remaining fuel in a approved fuel container. The reason for draining the fuel is the likely hood of fuel contamination. Since you will be scraping off old sealant or gasket material and possibly some paint ( in wet wing aircraft you will also apply new sealant), it is possible you will have some debris fall down into the tank. A large shop rag on the floor of the empty tank will catch most of the debris. Wipe up any debris that misses the rag.

- Re-Affirm your fuel capacity

With your Monarch Premium Caps we also include New fuel grade placards with an area on the placard for the gallonage. With your new Monarch Premium Caps installed and the tanks or fuel cells empty. This is the prime time to re-affirm the capacity of each of your fuel cells or tanks and mark the capacity on the placards.
Some customers find they have more capacity with the Monarch Premium Caps.